Friday, November 10, 2017

Creating A New Look

Often, it only takes one smart change to make a major impact. I’m currently in the middle of two “in-works” changes (I called in a professional to do both.)...

The Kitchen
A bold faucet always makes an impact. This two-tone design from Kohler was my favorite.


However, I reviewed the warranty on my current commercial-style faucet and discovered it comes with a lifetime warranty on parts (The hose was leaking.) ... So, naturally, the Kohler will be returned.

The Bathroom
Changing the flooring in the bathroom can make such a difference. I am loving the distressed look of this white-washed-wood ... It’s actually a porcelain tile. The added bonus is that it feels like wood.

Once the floor was done, I started brainstorming on how I could change the look of the sink’s cabinet. It was a basic composite cabinet. I painted it with a stone-textured paint and sealed it. I’m very happy with the results ... It’s a nod to an organic style.

Below is another option I considered; using a crackle paint. This idea was inspired by the striking look of crackle nail polish and marble bathrooms.