Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Insider Access: Emerging Filmmaker Naman Gupta

Who: Naman Gupta is a New York based
photographer who has specialized in fashion, advertising and portfolio photography.

What: He has written "Lilly Riggs"; his debut short film.

Naman's photography
Naman's photography
More: He has partnered with producer Gigi Dement, who produced the 2011 Oscar-winning short "God of Love" and cinematographer Daniel Katz, who shot the 2013 Oscar-winning short "Curfew".

 "Lilly Riggs" is one of the latest artistic crowdfunding projects ... The campaign officially starts on the 27th.

About the film:
"Lilly Riggs is a highly stylized crime drama that taps into the popularity of "Missed Connections" personals ads found in newspapers and websites such as Craigslist. Fleeting opportunities where strangers see one another in some public space, and then try to reconnect online. Almost like throwing a bottled message into the ocean, on the slim chance that it will reach its intended shores.

movie poster
Movie poster
In the spirit of films by Guy Ritchie (Snatch, Sherlock Holmes) and Quentin Tarantino, we have two lowlife criminals, Blondie and Zero, scrambling to knock off a hapless woman (Lilly Riggs) who has inadvertently pegged them to their latest crime scene with a harmless personals ad in the newspaper..."
The Rewards: In addition to the "feel good" factor of helping an artist, you can get some nice perks
including a film poster, digital DVD, iPad/iPhone case, screen credits & a signed script, a visit on the set, a guaranteed slot as a film extra and more.

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