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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hot Designer Sale

I get a lot of updates on New York sample sales ... There are just so many happening in the city (an average of six sales per week).

I recently received word of this hot designer sale. I had to share...

Manolo Blahnik 
Final Markdown Sale on Women's Shoes

Monday, August 3, 2015

A Little Indulgence: Exotic Sandal-Ready Polish Picks

Throughout the summer, I have been eyeing some beautiful sandals. The numerous outfits that I envisioned with these sandals always included polish, but not just any nude, bright or black polish ... I kept visualizing exotic, flattering colors. The type of colors that made me think of oasis escapes in the desert or hanging out at an artist's bohemian loft.

I see so many pictures of great shoes paired with unpolished toes. Seriously, if you invest in the shoes and the outfit, why not invest in the nail polish to finish off the look? Whether it's a DIY quickie or a full spa pedi, a pair of sandals with varnished toes just looks more polished (pun intended). It's a little indulgence, but...
  1. It can be a relatively inexpensive treat (especially if you opt for the DIY route),
  2. Polish usually lasts 2-3 weeks on the toes, and
  3. Aren't you worth the time it takes to indulge and look polished?
Here are some of the exotic colors that I'm loving (FYI - All of the brands shown are non-toxic)...

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Four Trends That Are Now Staples of Style

Minimal style is a distant memory when it comes to clothing. The resurgence and appreciation of glamour has been alive and thriving for several years, and appears to be here to stay.

Here are four resulting former trends that have gone the distance...

High/Low Hemlines - A style that has touched maxi dresses and skirts, tops and even couture.

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