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Sample Sale Update

I just received this and wanted to share ...

Hot New York Sample Sale Alert:

Fall Temptations: Striking Pieces to Covet

September is just a few days away. Of course, this means that the fall sales, as well as the international fashion weeks, are very near. Below are some of the striking fall pieces that caught my eye.

As usual, I am drawn to the extraordinary. I'm not talking about the over the top, blingy, glam looks. Instead, these picks are a celebration of skill; beautiful, creative draping & prints, intricate detailing and luxurious fabrics that can make the mouth water...

BCBG frontBCBG back view


Rick Owens

Music News

I receive a good amount of emails regarding the fashion industry daily. I also get news on the music industry and wanted to share.

Below are a few of the latest updates...

Jessie J's "Bang Bang" video featuring Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj

Jessie J

The powerhouse trio, Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj released the highly anticipated video for “Bang Bang”; a brilliant follow-up to the opening performance at the MTV VMA’s on Sunday.

Watch the video:

Prince Announces Two Studio Albums


My Funky Global Temptation

I instantly fell in love with this cotton jersey skirt/pant. It's a funky nod to the harem style, yet has modern, sophisticated draping ... The Glam Cush Factor is sky high.

I've visualized the tops, shoes and bags that I'd pair with this exotic treasure (I've included a few below.). I think it will be the perfect addition to my eclectic wardrobe.

Fashion & Beauty: My Two Cents


Early this morning, I received access to H&M's Studio F/W 2014 lookbook and promotional video; the collection is available on September 4th.

However, I prefer to share a look at the collection via their runway show. The setting was pretty fabulous. This is not only because the show was presented in Paris .... The runway also had a very chic glam rock vibe. The live performance only added the icing to the fab cake.

Beauty: Flattery is Nice

I went to my local Sephora store in search of a new concealer yesterday. The consultant who was helping me asked why I would wear concealer. I was flattered and thanked him for the compliment. Concealer is the only makeup product that I use to cover my undereye circles and occasional dark spots ... I don't use foundation or powder.

The concealer he recommended is my new love, but I wanted to share my latest skin care development ...

Shopping Online: My Three Tricks for Getting The Correct Size

I would say that I easily do 95% of my shopping online. I totally get that physical, brick and mortar
stores are appealing with their option to try on, feel and enjoy the instant gratification of buying items on the spot. However, I do love that online shopping offers a broader selection of styles ... Just last week, I fell in love with a handmade top from an emerging designer based in Bulgaria. The odds are also better that your size will be in stock online.

Getting the correct size can be pretty tricky as sizing can vary with each label. The Business of Fashion just mentioned this today:
"According to studies, between twenty to forty percent of all clothing purchased online is returned, often due to issues with fit, costing fashion e-tailers millions."
I've heard many complain about this issue and decided to share a few tricks that I developed to help me increase my success rate in getting pieces that actually fit.
  1. Go to What You Know - Know your size. You need to also know your sizing in inches and centimeters. 

  2. Don't want to bother with the measuring? Do you have a go-to brand; where 99% of the label's styles fit you perfectly? Most people do. It could be Banana Republic, J.Crew or BCBG. Whatever brand it is, check out their size charts. The goal is to learn their standard sizing beyond the usual one or two digit numbers.

My Temptation of the Week

I am truly loving this top! It rates very high on the Glam Cush Factor; sophisticated with a little edge and luxuriously comfortable. The moment I saw this treasure, I instantly imagined the many ways I could wear it. It's definitely my temptation of the week.

Aakasha tunic/dress

Fab Finds: Great Closet Organizational Tools from Boottique

The Boot Hanger
  The Boot Hanger  
I first discovered Boottique's fabulous Boot Hangers last year. I was on the hunt for an effective alternative to storing my boots ... I never liked keeping shoe boxes and the boots just looked like a sloppy mess on the floor or in bins/cubbies. Fabulous, well-made boots are an investment and I wanted a storage solution to protect mine.

The Boot Hanger was the perfect solution; no more droopy boots and the grips didn't leave damaging marks. These little wonders even worked with the heavier platform-wedge style boots. I also had storage options; I could get the boot rack, extension rods or the Boot Valet. I initially started with hanging my boots on the hooks that I bought with my suspension closet system. As my collection of boots grew, I explored Boottique's hanging options.

I recently decided to get more Boot Hangers for my expanding boot collection, when I decided to visit the site to see what else they offered; I previously bought the brilliant accessories via Amazon.

The Boot Bag
The Boot Bag
I found plenty of great finds. Boottique has wonderful storage accessories including Boot Bags (designed to fit over your boots while on the Boot Hanger), Shoe Stax (a simple but amazing shoe storage solution for the fashionista with limited space), Curly Hangers (for those tricky-to-hang tops that like to slide off of traditional hangers) and the Flip Flop Hanger (a multi-pair hanger for flip flops and sandals).

My Unusual Rework Project

I found this cuff bracelet on Etsy and instantly had to get it. The cuff was bold and topped with beautiful lace. I really loved the contrast.

Two years later, I realized that I've worn the cuff a total of two times. I still thought that it was striking, but it just didn't have that something extra to make me want to reach for it ... It was pretty lace attached a metal cuff.

This weekend, I decided to try out an idea to add another dimension and increase the edge factor a little. Two days later, I've already worn it. The components of the cuff are not as obvious now ... I can now see shapes and other details, when before, I just saw pretty lace. I instantly thought of the tops that I could pair it with, and that was my ultimate goal ... to up the reach factor.

Update: I also updated a rarely-worn snake-print cuff and wanted to share the results... 

Sample Sale Update

Here is a nice treat for those of you in or near London ...


Amanda Wakeley Sample Sale




Fashion in My Inbox

Keeping my inbox manageable is a constant struggle ...There are just too many, even on weekends.  As a result, I never leisurely browse emails. I glance at them (love that preview pane!) for about five seconds. If nothing grabs my attention, I delete it or mark it for mass deletion later.

Below are a few of the recent emails that I liked...

I liked the rich colors and the knot-texture clutch in this email from Bottega Veneta (I, ironically, was working on a rework project with knots last night, or more accurately, this morning.). I originally did a double-take because I thought of the wedding site, but then really looked at the clutch.

Another plus: I have always loved their slogan about your own initials being enough.

Vivienne Westwood Jewellery: Fresh & Funky

I've had a weakness for clothing by Vivienne Westwood for some time. I actually tend to virtually drool over her funky tops and jackets. I recently took a good look at her collection of jewellery and just had to share these fabulous finds.

The details are high-end, intricate and often rebelliously edgy ... in classic Ms. Westwood-style. As the collection is part of the Anglomania line, it's only natural for it to have a funky reference to the British royal class. The bottom line; these pieces are very striking and eye-catching. See for yourself.

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